Standing Still


I clicked on a link in an email today and it brought me to a blog I love – Foxglove Lane.  Catherine (whose every post is lovely, by the way – have a look) talked about the notion of letting one particular word inform your journey or become your intention through the course of a year. “Oooooh, lovely”, I thought. “I’ll do that.”



Not as easy as you might think. There are so many directions I want to turn in and to narrow it down to one word… well, it’s difficult. As I thought about it my eye wandered to some trees just outside the window. Literally just outside – in pots. Some I bought myself and some were a gift from a friend two years ago and I’ve yet to plant them. Two years. That’s really bad – I mean, really bad. In my defense the soil in my garden is shallow, stony and wet, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post. A tree needs a certain depth of soil… etc, etc, etc… and the long and the short of it is that there are six sizable trees sitting in pots waiting for my lazy ass to sort them out.


As I looked out I admitted something to myself. My tendency is to be overly ambitious and then, within a short space of time, my legs get tangled up in good intentions and I fall flat on my face.

So, no grand resolutions.

This year I will plant trees. I’ll make space for those pot-bound trees and I’ll make space for some other things that need fertile soil and time to grow. I’ll create structures for my new life. I’ll think a bit about the long haul instead of the instant hit. And, lest I should sound overly virtuous, let me also say that I’ll be good, but not too good.


There’s a breathing world out there. Slowly we realise that we’re just a minute part of it. All the stresses I find myself weighed down by become insignificant when I think about that. So, this year I’ll plant trees and then I’ll try to stand still and just look at the world again.


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7 Responses to Standing Still

  1. Sile, what a beautiful post. Just standing still and looking at the world again…….. yes I understand all of that. I recognise something in what you say that is probably universal…….you are looking inwards and yet reaching outwards………and thank you so much I am just thrilled to be a wee small part of that. X

  2. Found my way here via @Greensideupveg on Twitter. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to decide what goals (actually achievable goals as opposed to the usual new years resolutions) that I would set for myself, and like you, I tend to be overly ambitious and then fall flat on my face, so I’ve found myself in the past doing nothing as a result. So thank you for the perfect blog that hit the spot I needed to hit!

  3. Great post Sile.
    My plan for this year is to say “I wish” a lot less, and to replace it with “I will”.
    Nothing more than that. Keep it simple but effective. Just like your plan for your trees!

  4. Móna Wise says:

    Oh … I never go ‘resolute’ on resolutions. I find it too binding …. but I have tried and failed so many times at so many different things I feel like I am ‘learning (or leaning) in the right direction’ now. Finally.
    Life begins at Forty they say .. I am nearing that mark and feel excited for what is yet to come … Looking forward to seeing where the road takes you x

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