Don’t Ask. Do.

When the hill is in front of you
Climb it.
Yes, that hill, that one.

Or go down to the sea,
That sea
That water that pulls you
Deep in your bones.

Entertain madness.

Be loud. Run.

Ask questions until you’re out of breath.
Listen to the whisper in your head that frightens you
(It might be joy).

We don’t need to know the secrets of the universe.
We really don’t. Our energy is best spent elsewhere.

Throw your arms beautifully in the air.
Watch the light play on your flamenco fingertips.
Shrug one shoulder and pretend you’re French.
Laugh like you’re a thirties movie star, deep and smokey.

After being everyone else for a while be yourself again.

Yes. Do it.





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14 Responses to Don’t Ask. Do.

  1. Colette says:

    Love this glorious post, Síle, being yourself is what’s important. “Ask questions until you’re out of breath.
    Listen to the whisper in your head that frightens you
    (It might be joy)” You will find what you are looking for, eventually 🙂

  2. Wonderful, Beautiful! I just love the way you write Síle!

  3. Kate says:

    Beautiful. Scríbhneoir den scoth thú Síle. Kxx

  4. mkconlon says:

    Lovely post! esp like the line ‘Listen to the whisper in your head that frightens you’. I really want to listen to my whisper, but it frightens me! I will eventually listen to it.

  5. beanfeasa says:

    Gorgeous Sile!! x

  6. Love everything about the mood here today, the writing and the photo too, just magical. It rings bells for me as I have been thinking a lot about “entertaining madness” myself and how it might be a liberating direction, and I believe it would be! PS Thanks for your kind comment, means a lot:~))

    • silelooksup says:

      Ah thanks 🙂 The cameraman/photographer from Garraí Glas has given me a long term loan of a camera (have used my phone up to now) but as you can see from the pic the sensor needs cleaning. Tomorrow! I’d filled a card before I realised though. Good lesson. Madness is a much maligned virtue, imo. x

  7. limmster says:

    I love this! I can guarantee if I just start running because I’m late or just run I will start laughing uncontrollably in the first few seconds. x

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