Optimistic Potatoes

Oh man. I began this blog with a very optimistic post about potatoes. It was all very meaningful, but after spending a weekend digging in dung and wheeling barrows of soil around the garden, my back is sore. I may even have to soak in a bath – and I am not a fan of baths. But my back is SORE and the optimistic potato post brings only the sound of hollow laughter now.

I plan to take a trip to NYC in just under two weeks and that was a pretty good incentive to get my potatoes sown, and only about a month late, at that. A pretty good incentive to get my ass in gear in the garden, full stop.

Ireland is pretty far north and seems to have become wetter and cooler in recent years. It’s hard to grow your own food. But just imagine if we get the gorgeous summer everyone is talking about, the once-every-twenty-years kind of summer we spend the other nineteen years dreaming about… then all the hauling and digging will be worth it and the long days will be spent in my garden that looks out over the ocean, listening to the hum of bees and hoverflies and watching the swallows dance.


And in the meantime, I may even take that bath.


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2 Responses to Optimistic Potatoes

  1. Mizz Winkens says:

    Go on, take the bath. Put epson salts in it and don’t hold your breath for that summer….. ; )

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