New York, With Commentary

The Music Man


(Or, I’m not a witch, I’m your wife)

There they were, laughing, happy, wrapped in a world of their own making. People walked by and hardly noticed how happy they were. What a joy.

Love in Sheep Meadow


I look at couples like this and I wonder how long they’ve been together. Are they holding each other because this a new love?  Maybe they’re just cold.

Lunch in Central Park


Did he make his own lunch? And, if not, is he allowed to be annoyed at what’s in his sandwich? (Yes, I’m quite judgmental.)

King of the Hill


He was not so much the king as he was the Little Prince.

Face Time


Oh, that woman on the left was so lonely. It burned the air around her.

Sideshow Stan


Sideshow Stan owns Manhattan. He rules with a benign, happy-go-lucky fist.

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