I have an awful memory for certain things. Names, for instance, I’m abysmal at remembering. I’ve traced it back to about six years ago when my thyroid became under-active, though possibly that’s just a big fat excuse and actually I’ve always been a bit crap at it. Other things stay with me, though. My brain is, as my Professor of Classics used to say back in the day, a department of useless information.

But not all information should be useful, should it? Some information is meant to be sipped, savoured, wondered over. Some information will lie dormant in your mind for a decade, and then one day it’ll swim to the surface and you’ll throw your head back and laugh, or gasp, or sigh; and you’ll walk into another room to find someone to share it with.

I read this week – somewhere on the world-wide web while avoiding work no doubt – that the word for the colour orange came from the fruit. Before then, in English at least, things that were orange in colour were described as being yellow-red. I will remember that delicious fact for the rest of my life, because that’s the kind of brain I have. Your name, I’m afraid, may escape me. No offence.

Here’s some of the yellow-red that brightened my week.











And, of course….




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4 Responses to Yellow-Red

  1. Tola Custy says:

    That’s mad about the Orange and the language!!!

  2. Love it!Thanks to the Department of Useless Information 🙂

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