Kitsch Sunday

The shops stay closed here in Berlin on Sundays, with a few small exceptions. Bakeries and cafés are open (yay) and so are the markets. I wandered by the giant Flokmarkt am Mauerpark with my camera today, and then, too cold to take it out again later, I took these snaps on my phone in the odd little shops near the flea-market. It was like walking into an Aladdin’s cave of DDR relicts. I’m not sure how these little places get by the no-Sunday-opening rule, but I was glad to hide away from the motheragod it suddenly got very cold in kitsch heaven… or hell, depending on how offended your eyes are by the overwhelmingly garish colours.


It was a little like being immersed in a 1980’s fruit-cocktail-from-a-tin. Tasty, but you couldn’t do it often.









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