About Síle

I began this blog to get into the habit of writing – I’m not a daily or weekly blogger but love the interaction. The blog has no theme, as such, it’s just about me writing and taking photographs.

So, this is me: I work freelance, presenting a tv show, translating scripts, acting… I love to travel, really love it, and am lucky enough at times to be able to go away and bring my work with me. I live in a house on top of a hill looking out over the Atlantic on the west coast of Ireland. It’s wild and gorgeous, and it rains a lot. I grow some of my own food and have loved learning how to do that, though the wild nature of the landscape makes it a challenge.

I think the importance of imagination is often overlooked. Poetry, music, art, beauty. Gobble them up with passion at every opportunity. We’re made to imagine, we’re made to open our hearts to everything, we’re made to aspire to the impossible. It’s up to us to do it.

I’m optimistic by choice. I look up because that’s where wonder and flying creatures reside.

My name is Síle Nic Chonaonaigh. Also written (though not by me) as Sighle, Sheila, Sheelagh and maybe even Psíle.


1 Response to About Síle

  1. Hi Síle, nice to meet you. What a wonderful blog you have. I feel as if I could ‘like’ every post. Beautiful photography. I know it’s been ages (we’ve been without internet for a while) but thanks for visiting our blog and for the ‘like’ on our ‘About us’ page. Cheers, Alison

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