Das Jüdische Museum, Berlin

Today I went to visit the Jewish Museum in Berlin. It’s a pretty famous building, designed by Daniel Libeskind. Actually, it’s two buildings: the Collegienhaus, through which you enter, and the Libeskind Building next door. The two are joined underground.

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Appian Way

I wasn’t there when you died.

I tried, oh I tried to open the window wider that night. I tried to make enough room for your great big soul to bolt to the heavens, to open a gate for your unknown depths, for they surely existed. The nursing home windows were made for safety though, not sanctity, and the chink widened only inches. Not enough, not enough.

Still hands folded on your lap, your eyes followed my fingers as I wound embroidery threads; jewelled shards of colour.

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Sky Creature

Futures carved out of sky.


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Treasure trove or junk?  Either way, I love a flea market. This one was on Columbus Avenue.



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What a joy it is to see the bees enjoy the comfrey.

I recently read a post on Trevor’s Kitchen Garden which inspired me to spend a few minutes standing by my comfrey patch, observing. As Trevor said, comfrey is an invaluable garden plant, as well as being a very powerful medicinal herb. Over the years we’ve done various different things with it on Garraí Glas, a tv show I present about growing your own food, and the new series we’re filming at present will look more at its medicinal value.

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New York, With Commentary

The Music Man


(Or, I’m not a witch, I’m your wife)

There they were, laughing, happy, wrapped in a world of their own making. People walked by and hardly noticed how happy they were. What a joy.

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New York, Alone

New York. One of my favourite places. I didn’t have much time on this trip, but I did spend a morning in Manhattan with the camera. This is the first of a few photo posts. I admit, I wasn’t paying much attention to light and focus, but I was loving the people.

Columbus & 74th

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Optimistic Potatoes

Oh man. I began this blog with a very optimistic post about potatoes. It was all very meaningful, but after spending a weekend digging in dung and wheeling barrows of soil around the garden, my back is sore. I may even have to soak in a bath – and I am not a fan of baths. But my back is SORE and the optimistic potato post brings only the sound of hollow laughter now.

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A Way

I stopped working in order to have more time to play. To write, take pictures, walk, have a different kind of life. Of course, when you stop working in a structured way you end up working all the time, or at least I do. Turns out I wrote more and took more pictures when I had a full-time job. The best laid plans, and all that.

So I made a plan to go to the Camino de Santiago in May, to take the time to walk and think for a couple of weeks. Life has intervened and now I’m bound elsewhere…  life changes your plans, sometimes, and you go a different way. That excites me.

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Ag Fanacht

Ag an am seo den bhliain níl uaim ach ceol na n-éan a chloisteáil agus solas an lae a fheiceáil ag síneadh amach. Tá teannas ionam agus mé ag fanacht orthu, amhal is go raibh mé ag faire amach do long seoil Valparaiso. Ní h-é nach maith liom an geimhreadh ann fhéin – is cuma liom é a bheith fuar  – ach a mhac go deo is fuath liom an bháisteach agus an dorchadas, agus cuireann siad ag brionglóidí mé faoi thíortha i gcéin.


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